Workshops for Educators and Parents

Tricia is available to conduct workshops for early childhood education centres, parent participation preschools, conferences, and school groups. If you’re interested in a different topic, please ask!

Learning In the Forest: Drawing Inspiration From Forest Schools

Nature is a wonderful teacher, and free play in natural places is important for children’s early learning and sense of place. Learn about the growing movement towards forest schools and how you can incorporate elements of this style of outdoor learning into your classroom.

Deep in the Forest

On a starry night, you hear the wind whispering through the trees and feel it blowing on your skin, and you look up to discover that you’re just a tiny part of the universe. Reconnect with your senses as we explore sensory activities that will get you and your students engaged with the natural world.

Loving the Outdoors Through Literature

Books often make us think about snuggling on the couch. But there are books that can take us far, far away from our homes, out into the forests and mud puddles of our imagination. Learn how to use books to bring nature into the classroom and encourage children to explore outdoors.


Click here for a list of great outdoor literature for kids

Click here for nature rhymes used as energizers in the workshops.

Click here for the outdoor classroom and resources handout.